Client focused Website Design

Personalized design and function


Websites reflect the professionalism, values, and goals of a business. Working closely with the client allows Copper Mountain Web Design to express the client’s business through their own website, and bring their brand to life. Clients also decide what functionality they want out of their website, and meetings are done to ensure everything the client needs is done. 

Problem Solving Approach


Client interviews are used as a way to collect data on the goals of the website before design starts. Working closely with the client gives them more control over the end product, and helps give an advantage on the competition. Business problems are discussed, and the finished website is designed to solve these issues. 

Optimized for desktop and mobile use


A majority of website visits come from mobile users, and first impressions matter. Copper Mountain Web design creates websites that are optimized for every device, which makes your business more accessible and user-friendly. 

Website Price Points

Below are three general price points for your future website. Like every business, every website is unique. Some websites will require more specific specialization, which will lead to varying costs. A free meeting can be set up if you contact us at (406) 565-7089 to discuss your needs and price. 

Simple Website

A simple, but beneficial website gives clients the ability to provide information and brand recognition to their customers at a lesser price point. This type of website is ideal for small businesses who want to keep costs to a minimum, but want to expand their brand reach. Call or emal to set up a free consultation to discuss the needs of your website. 

Intermediate Website

This website provides more pages for more details and has functionality built in for important information such as forms, analytics, payment, and more. The intermediate site is ideal for a small to medium business who wants more use from their site than simply information spreading. Call or email to set up a free consultation to discuss the needs of your website. 

Advanced Website

This site setup includes multiple pages, with many types of custom functionality features. It would benefit businesses looking to expand their services or streamline thier processes. Call or email to set up a free consultation to discuss the needs of your website. 

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