Who are we?

Our Mission

We are dedicated to working closely with our clients to provide the best website building experience possible. Our data collection process involves multiple interviews with the client to fully understand their functionality goals. The website’s design is also discussed in the interviews, and the client’s vision is brought to life. 

Development Process

Copper Mountain Web Development utilizes an agile design approach, which means drafts of the website design will be shown until the client approves. Any adjustments the client wants will be made, and each client will have multiple opportunities to give their feedback. The three key phases shown below give more detail. 

Data Collection


At Copper Mountain Web Design, the data collection process begins with client interviews. Interviews give an idea of the functionality and design aspects that are important to the client. Clients will be asked to select some website examples they like, and a system requirements document will then be drafted. This document highlights the needs and wants of the client’s website, and will be reviewed by the client to ensure nothing is missing. 

Design prototype


The final system requirements document along with ideas for a design serve as a guide to start the website building process. The needs section of the system requirements document will be done first, and the overall design will be started. Another client interview will take place where the client is shown the progress on the site. The client can give feedback, and the design process will continue. 

Fully Functioning Site


The prototype website is polished using the feedback that the client has given. The functionality needs that the client asked for are fully implemented, and the website is prepared for launch. Before launch, the site is tested for mobile and desktop functionality and look. After launch, a final meeting with the client is conducted to give feedback and discuss maintenence practices.

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